Born in 1962 of Hispanic(Dominican & Puerto Rican) descent in Washington Heights, New York City, Copie started creating his art at an early age. Influenced by Mad magazine, and trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, especially enjoying Renaissance painting (Rembrandt, El Greco, Albrecht Durer, etc.), later, influenced by Gregory Gillespie, Sue Coe, and Diego Rivera. Copie earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Pratt Institute, majoring in illustration, studying under Barron Storey, among others. The source for the majority of my concepts, originate by simply walking around in the streets, riding public transportation and observing. I use photography and sketching for reference, then document it on canvas/wood panel, with my own perspective. I primarily work in mixed media, which includes; acrylic, spray paint, colored pencil, oils, ink, sandpaper, etc. I'm currently combining digital drawings with traditional mediums, and experimenting with different surfaces, collage painting, and using found objects.